Individuals & Families

my O’NA HealthCare® provides its members with Holistic/Naturopathic healthcare coverage as well as traditional coverage options! Thank you for considering my O’NA HealthCare®  please note our plans are not available in the State of Maine.

Individual & Family Coverage

my O’NA HealthCare® is dedicated to providing you and your family with more choices, a variety of treatment options, and excellent client services. Enjoy unique benefits that are accessible with my O’NA HealthCare® individual or family health plans.

Coverage Details

Deductible$ 5,000 Single
$ 10,000 Couple/Family
HSA is available
Annual Wellness Exam Covered$ 300.00 Covered towards 2 wellness visits (covered right away)*
$ 300.00 total
Additional Cost over the $ 300.00 total is applied toward Deductible
Open Provider Network
Holistic and Naturopathic Providers
24/7 Call A Doctor Plus24/7 Access anywhere in the United States*
Biological/Holistic Dental Care$ 1,000.00 max per individual per year*
Vision Coverage$ 350.00 toward any vision service per year. Per Person on plan*
Wellness Treatments & Services:
Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, Naturopathic and Homeopathy.
$ 1000.00 Single*
$ 2000.00 Couple/Family*
Supplements & Essentials Oils* $ 1000.00 Single*
$ 2000.00 Couple/Family*
Personal Care Advocate & Advisor
Gym Membership$ 200.00 toward yearly gym membership Individual*
$ 400.00 toward yearly gym membership Individual+1/Family*

Must complete one year of plan enrollment.*
* See plan benefits on how to submit requests for reimbursement and product type restrictions.

One Time Membership & Enrollment Fee

my O’NA HealthCare® Member benefits start with a one-time membership and Enrollment fee of $ 250.00 for each Plan after October 1, 2019.

Enrollment fee will be $ 350.00 for each Group Plan after October 1, 2019.
Our Enrollment fee is tax deductible.

More Than Traditional Healthcare

Current health, habits, age, and selected program (individual/family or Economic Unit) will ultimately determine your monthly cost. The following prices are estimates and your exact cost will be determined following the completion of a standard health questionnaire.

AgesIndividualIndividual +1Family*
Up to 34 years old $ 280.50- $ 428.22
$ 460.70 - $ 668.11 $ 681.70 - $ 919.45
Ages 35 - 44 $ 432.51 - $ 479.65

$ 674.79 - $ 748.34 $ 928.64 - $ 1015.64
Ages 45 - 54 $ 491.22 - $ 612.32 $ 766.40 - $ 955.33 $ 1040.16 - $ 1296.57
Ages 55 - 64 $ 630.69 - $ 797.43 $ 983.99 - $ 1244.14$ 1322.50 - $ 1596.42
65 and up for Non Medicare clients.$ 897.43 - $ $2,347.43 $ 1344.14 - $2,794.14 $ 1696.42 - $ $4,146.42
Non Medicare clients are usually clients who can not qualify for Medicare.
*Family coverage includes Individuals up to size of 4; Rate is increased by $280.00 per additional dependent above 4 per month thereafter.
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Reduce Your Out of Pocket Maximum to $1,100!

We know that your healthcare is more complicated than a few visits to the doctor every year, which is why we offer preventative care allowances! Every year, you can earn up to $3,900/individual and $5,400/family of allowances towards your maximum out of pocket costs.

Taking proactive steps towards protecting your health means you’re less likely to experience a major complication within the year. Not only do we include office visits, supplements, essential oils, blood work, and more. Take care of your health by taking full advantage of your holistic coverage plan with my O’NA HealthCare®!

Our health insurance allowances

Health and Financial Benefits

At my O’NA HealthCare®, much of our growth has come from satisfied members, referring their family and friends. If there is someone you would like to share the plan with, you have the option to submit it in your member portal. By clicking on the rewards tab, you will see “Refer a friend.” Set-up a Loyalty subscriber account by earning Dividends. Just type in their information, and press submit.

Loyalty benefits begin at 12 months of enrollment, disbursements are dispensed annually. This allows us to share this unique plan with those we care about most.

Receive access to a doctor 24/7 with our phone doctor program. You’ll get medical advice and a diagnosis from the freedom of your home.

Enroll 365 days a year and never worry about open enrollment periods again. Apply for healthcare coverage at any time of the year by filling out a short application.

Keep your doctor; our open provider network allows you to keep all your trusted healthcare providers. Ask your current provider to enroll in our allowed fee schedule programs.

Feel better about your
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