Beyond Conventional Coverage


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O'NA has been a total game changer for me. In today's world where our health care system is just "sick care" it seemed like there was no solution for someone like me--until now... If you spend your money on staying healthy and living healthy and just need a backup plan in case there's an emergency, O’NA is a perfect fit.... Instead of wasting $800 a month for typical sick care insurance, I'm paying less than $200 a month for real peace of mind. Case closed--Customer for life!
Errin Smith, Member since September 2015
We have been with O'NA HealthCare since April 2015 and have truly enjoyed the benefits of choosing the plan that best fits our healthy life, seeing the doctors that we want to see, the tax benefit, as well as not being tied to the very restrictive Affordable Care Act.
Randy & Viola Crebs, Member since May 2015
“We found O'NA through a business associate referral and fell in love at first site....  A group bent towards personal responsibility, natural healing, and flexibility....The benefits are wonderful and the service has been exemplary. We love being members of this new and innovative product..."  
David & Amy Thedinga, Member since July 2016