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Our Referral Rewards Program is Our way of saying "Thank You."

We have built-in rewards for our Members who become healthy, stay healthy and share the O’NA HealthCare™ Plan with others.

Sharing the Vision

In sharing your experience with the freedoms and flexibility of O’NA HealthCare™ with your like-minded friends and family, you help us accomplish our goal of building a true healthcare system.

Monthly Referral Rewards are paid for each new Member you refer to O’NA Healthcare™ for as long as they and you remain on the Plan. Referral Rewards can offset your plan payments by $12.50 per Plan referral each month. Imagine if you referred just eight friends and families, you would receive $100 per month in Referral Rewards.

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Become Healthy

O’NA HealthCare™ is designed for people who are truly health conscious and desire to become healthier or simply be recognized and rewarded for staying healthy.

Our Health Navigation program exists to assist you with setting goals, and provide the education and resources to help you in reaching your health goals and determining the best choices for you.

Remain Healthy

If you remain healthy and make no claims beyond your Maximum Out Of Pocket, you may be eligible to have your rate locked in, even if you move into the next age rate category.

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