Open Provider Network Offerings

A network of doctors and providers should be a great resource, not a restriction. If you have health providers that you know and love, we won’t ask you to say goodbye to them. We would love to get to know them too. With my O’NA HealthCare® you have coverage and benefits whether you use providers that are inside or outside of our In-Network Provider network.

Having an Open Provider Network also means we have no “out of network areas” to deal with. When my O’NA HealthCare® covers you; you’re covered no matter where you go within the continental USA. Please refer to you benefits coverage for our coverage limits.

Some health insurance not only restricts your choice of healthcare professionals to those physicians within their controlled network, but they also limit you to a conventional or Holistic practitioners. my O’NA HealthCare® has no such restrictions; so, no matter where you are within the United States, YES, YOU REALLY CAN KEEP YOUR OWN DOCTOR. Please refer to your benefits for coverage limits.

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