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  • O’NA HealthCare™ really will go to the ends of the earth for you.
  • When a medical catastrophe occurs, we realize the best options are not always the ones in your local community or state.
  • As a Native American Tribal co-operative, O’NA HealthCare™ has the flexibility to explore the best options for you outside of your state lines and even beyond the borders of the USA.
  • Not only does our Medical Tourism coverage ensure that you have the best options available, but it can be a powerful cost saving initiative to you and O’NA HealthCare™.


A Member in Colorado is told by his doctor that he needs medically necessary back surgery. The Member learns that the long term success with lower back surgery may be only 45% and would like to take a minimally non-invasive orthopedic spinal solution that is available at an integrative orthopedic facility in California. The average cost for invasive back surgery is $24,500 and 2 weeks out of work; whereas, the non-invasive solution is $10,500 and only a week for recovery. We would set up the cash paid arrangements, pay the travel and lodging expenses for the member and a companion.

Another option may be to attend a contracted facility in Cancun, Mexico. The cost there is $4,500 for the same non-invasive procedure. As an extra incentive to attend the Cancun facility, we would cover your travel and lodging for you and a companion plus, cover your Maximum Out Of Pocket expense as well. You would save $4,500 and O’NA HealthCare™ would save another $1,000. This is a true Win-Win for everyone

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