How Is Our Healthcare Coverage Different?

  • O’NA HealthCare™ pays 100% of healthcare costs after your Maximum Out Of Pocket is met
  • Our plan utilizes an HDHP model which lowers monthly premium costs
  • No co-share element (e.g. 80/20%) like other types of insurance plans
  • HSAs are portable and carry over year to year enabling you to accumulate funds that have not been used
  • Health Equity has created an HSA specifically for O’NA HealthCare™ Plan Members
  • If you ever have questions on coverage, Health Equity’s customer support is available 24/7
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Monthly Plan Rates

Estimate your monthly plans with the table below. Your exact costs will be determined by your current health, habits, age, and selected program (individual, family, or group).

*Family coverage includes Individual and up to 4 dependents. Rate is increased by $35.00 per dependent per month thereafter.
AgesIndividualIndividual +1Family*
Up to 34 years old$165 - $220$271- $390$401 - $551
Ages 35 - 44$210 - $275$351- $490$499 - $651
Ages 45 - 54$265 - $355$451 - $590$599 - $751
Ages 55 - 64$365 - $455$551 - $690$699 - $851
65 and upNot Yet Available
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One Time Membership & Enrollment Fee

O’NA HealthCare™ Member benefits starts with a one time membership and enrollment fee of $165 for each Plan. This a tax deductible donation.

Coverage Details

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Maximum Out of Pocket$5,000 Single
$10,000 Couple/Family
Compatible with HSA
Annual Exams CoveredAllowed toward
Maximum Out of Pocket
Open Provider Network No additional cost
Alternative Provider Network
Medical Tourism (worldwide)
24/7 TeladocUnlimited Free Calls
Biological/Holistic Dental Care$1,000 max
$100 reimbursed per individual per year
Wellness Treatments & Services:
Acupuncture, Massage Therapy,
Chiropractor, Reiki, etc.
$750 Single
$1,500 Couple/Family
Supplements & Oils$750 Single
$1,500 Couple/Family
Personal Care Advocate
& Advisor (Alternative &

Earn $3,900 in Allowances Towards your Max Out of Pocket

Earn allowances of up to $3,900 for individuals and $5,400 for families every year with O’NA Healthcare™. These allowances go towards your maximum out of pocket costs. Our unmatched allowance benefits are why O’NA is one of the best low-cost health care coverage plans in the country.

We know that your health care is more complicated than a few visits to the doctor every year. That’s why we offer preventative care allowances. Taking proactive steps towards protecting your health means you’re less likely to experience a major complication within the year. Not only do we include office visits, supplements, oils, blood work, and more, but we will send you a $100 reimbursement for each visit to your holistic dentist. Take care of your health by taking full advantage of your healthcare coverage plan with O’NA HealthCare™!

Our health insurance allowances

We Are Not Your Grandfathers Insurance!

O’NA HealthCare™ is built from the ground up for efficiency and sustainability allowing us to offer more choices and options at low prices. We are able to provide streamlined and powerful low cost healthcare coverage through our Native American tribal affiliation; this means you can benefit from more choices at lowers rates, now and in the future.

Our Low Cost Healthcare Coverage Features

Pay less every month with O’NA HealthCare’s HDHP model. We offer lower monthly premiums in exchange for a higher deductible cost paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Speak to your doctor 24/7 with our Teledoc program. Speak to your doctor from the comfort of your own home, and get a diagnosis within minutes. And remember, it’s at no extra cost!

Save money on prescriptions with our GoodRx Program. Get discount prices and coupons for most pharmaceutical based drugs when you sign up for your free account.

Cover your costs with our referral program. We reward our members who become healthy, stay healthy, and spread the word about the O’NA HealthCare™

Visit a traditional or holistic dentist and get a $100 reimbursement for every visit. We support true wellness among all of our members.

Feel better about your
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