Bring Health and Care Back into Healthcare

As a member of O’NA HealthCare™, a national network of experienced healthcare professionals is available to you 24/7, absolutely FREE.

Whether you are at work, home, on vacation or have a child at college needing immediate attention, you can get access to a doctor in less than 10 minutes at no charge.

You choose the method of your visit. Want to see the doctor? Choose “video” as the method for your visit. Feeling camera shy? Choose “phone.” Got a busy schedule? Select a time that’s best for you by choosing “schedule” instead of “as soon as possible.”

Pregnant woman video chatting with her 24/7 teledoctor
Sick man calling his phone doctor

What is a 24/7 Doctor?

Our members love the quick and easy access to a doctor through O’NA HealthCare™’s 24/7 doctor benefits. On vacation? Heading out of town? At work? Instead of scheduling an appointment with your regular doctor or clinic, you can get health advice in minutes. Simply call your phone doctor, explain your symptoms, and your doctor will tell you if you should make an in-person appointment or take care of yourself at home.
A Phone Doctor can help you:

  • Decide if you need emergency medical attention
  • Find doctors in your area and schedule your appointments
  • Explain your prescription medications, such as how to take them safely and what side effects to expect
  • Offer you alternative solutions to prescriptions upon request
  • Diagnose general health issues, dermatology issues, and mental health conditions

Teladoc Services

You can diagnose many general health concerns using Teladoc services in just a few minutes, and 92% of the time, issues are resolved after the first visit! Your 24/7 phone doctor can provide medical advice for general problems like cold and flu symptoms, as well as behavioral health like depression and anxiety.

Have a dermatological issue? There’s no need to wait weeks to receive skin care treatment. Get a quick, convenient and discreet solution for treating skin conditions like acne, rash, shingles and more.

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