Health Savings Accounts are an easy WIN

Health Savings Accounts offered by HealthEquity are an easy win with an O’NA HealthCare™ High Deductible Healthcare Plan. Unlike traditional insurance plans, setting up an HSA with O’NA HealthCare™ takes less than 5 seconds! Simply opt in during enrollment, and your Health Savings Account will be automatically created. Thanks to HealthEquity, setting up an HSA is quick, easy, and secure.

O’NA HealthCare™ starts out with lower monthly payments than most traditional high-deductible health insurance policies and our Maximum Out Of Pocket is typically lower too.

HSA Benefits

Tax free HSA contributionsHSA Contributions are tax-free (federal and state*) unless you live in these states: AL, CA, NJ
Lowers Tax LiabilityYour contributions lower your tax liability.
Rollover BalanceYour HSA balance rolls over every year
Account is YoursThe account is yours even if you change jobs, insurance plans, or retire
Invest HSA FundsYou can invest your HSA funds and the interest you earn is tax-free

Significant Tax Savings, Lower Monthly Plan Payments


Shoppers frequently utilize medical care and reach their health plan deductible. A single unexpected medical event or just frequent minor incidents can lead to increased medical costs. An HSA can help Shoppers save now and position themselves to build savings in years with less medical attention

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A survivor or their dependent may be dealing with a lingering health concern. HealthEquity understands the complexity and stress of navigating the treatment and insurance processes.


Savers seek opportunities to reduce their tax liability and maximize earning potential. Savers and their dependents are likely able to enjoy a healthy life, with little medical expenses.

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Minimalists and their dependents are most likely able to enjoy a healthy life, with little medical expenses. They look for ways to minimize their health insurance costs, while still maintaining a safety net for unexpected life events.

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