Redefining Health Insurance

O’NA HealthCare™ provides the financial safeguard coverage from catastrophic health issues, with an emphasis on prevention and total wellness, in our all-inclusive holistic healthcare coverage plan services.

How Can You Benefit From Our Holistic Healthcare Coverage?

By including conventional treatment as well as holistic, naturopathic, homeopathic, indigenous, nutritional, and energy methods in our plan coverage, we guide our members to improved and sustainable health through our holistic healthcare coverage plan.

More Choices & Options

365 Day Open Enrollment
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Why O’NA HealthCare?

Finding the right health insurance plan can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and sometimes seemingly impossible. At O’NA HealthCare™, we work closely with you to give you and your health the best care that it deserves. With more alternative and holistic options than any other healthcare plan (such as acupuncture, energy medicine, allopathic, and chiropractic services) you can be sure that you’re making the best choice for all your health needs. If you’re unfamiliar with holistic healthcare methods, we’re here to educate and guide you to a new way to heal your mind, body, and soul.

Individual/Family Coverage

O’NA HealthCare™ proudly provides coverage for conventional and holistic healthcare options that are customized to meet individual or family needs. Our availability and flexibility allows you to get the specific treatment you need no matter where or when you need it. Learn more on what O’NA is able to offer.

  • Medical Tourism
  • 24/7 Phone Doctor
  • 365 Day Open Enrollment
  • Tax Free Health Savings Account
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Group Coverage

O’NA HealthCare™ provides small businesses with conventional and holistic healthcare coverage options that are customized to meet your needs as an employer in all 50 states. Our flexible healthcare coverage allows you and your employees to receive personalized treatment anywhere and anytime.

  • 24/7 Phone Doctor
  • Coverage Across All 50 States
  • Lower Out Of Pocket Maximum
  • Tax Free Health Savings Account