What Is Holistic Dentistry?

What is Natural Dentistry?

Products and health care services worldwide are using the word “holistic” more and more. It’s become a huge trend, which unfortunately makes things like holistic dental care seem like a fad. But in reality, it is far from a passing trend. Even certified DDS professionals like Dr. Michelle Jorgensen agree on the effectiveness of holistic dentistry. Holistic, or natural dentistry, is a philosophy and approach to dental care that puts the patient’s well being first. Holistic dentists focus on both the mouth and its relation to the entire human body. They use natural techniques and products to solve problems not just in your mouth, but to improve your overall health.

Holistic dentistry is one of the many medical arenas sprouting up. To follow the trend, some traditional dentists are calling themselves “holistic” because they perform complex dentistry on the face, neck, head, teeth, and gums, even though they are far from “natural” or “holistic”. It’s important to understand the difference between traditional and holistic dentistry when choosing your medical professional.

How Do You Spot a True Holistic Dentist?

1. No Chemicals

Real holistic dentists never offer fluoride anything. They wouldn’t even dream of trying to give you a toothpaste, mouthwash, or water with this toxic chemical in it. Instead, they would suggest non-toxic, non-hormone-altering alternatives.

2. No X-Rays

Excessive X-rays, random root canals or wisdom tooth removal are shunned. Other therapies to heal a tooth, or provide a healthier method of removing a tooth are always at the forefront before any cutting is ever considered. X-rays are kept to a bare minimum if needed at all, and oral surgery is considered a final resort.

3. Safe Fillings

Legitimate dentists will never fill your cavities with Amalgam fillings, which contain mercury in them. Mercury, which can leach out of fillings during chewing, causes brain defects, growth issues, and a host of other bodily problems. Ask your dentist about their stance on mercury fillings to make sure they have your best health in mind.

4. No Antibiotics

No antibiotics prescriptions are given, ever. Safer remedies herbal are recommended to combat infection and any other issues which may require healing. A holistic dentist may even offer light therapy or saunas to assist you in feeling better rather than prescription medication.

5. Whole-Body Approach

They take a WHOLE BODY approach to dentistry. Investigating how your dental health may be affecting other areas of your life, mentally and physically is how functional dentistry is different.

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