The Truth About Catastrophic Insurance

Or as we like to call it… your “health 401k”.

At O’NA Healthcare™ we provide a financial safeguard that covers your family from a catastrophic event. But we are more than that. We emphasize total wellness and prevention. By offering holistic coverage options, we promote “healthcare” rather than “sick care”.

So what does that really mean?

1. We Reward Preventative Measures

We offer allowances to our members for preventative care and treatments. Members have allowances towards supplements and oils, annual checkups, thermography scans, holistic dentistry and more!

These allowances go towards your max out of pocket costs. A family can spend up to $3900 in total allowances!

To see the full list of allowances we offer, check out our helpful infographic or visit our Individuals & Families Coverage page.

View Allowances Infographic 

2. Your HealthCare Account is Set Up in an HSA

An HSA account is a tax-free savings account to use towards healthcare costs. As a member of O’NA HealthCare™, you contribute funds to your account that can be used to cover your care, including doctors visits, holistic treatments, and supplements. These funds roll over every year, and you never lose them – even if you leave O’NA HealthCare™.

The investment in your HSA can also be a strategy against catastrophic events. The funds can be used if something bad ever happens to cover your max out of pocket. (And we cover 100% once you hit your max out of pocket!)

Learn more about HSAs here!

3. We Offer Member Benefits to Support a Healthier Lifestyle

We designed our catastrophic healthcare plan to encourage overall health. Our members receive benefits including health assessments, 24/7 teladoc, your own Health Navigator, a library of resources, and an open provider network with both traditional and holistic providers.

By utilizing a preventative approach, we offer a broad spectrum of treatments and member benefits that you will not find in a conventional plan.

View all Member Benefits!

O'NA HealthCare™

At O’NA Healthcare™, we believe that a good catastrophic healthcare plan supports true wellness first, instead of trying to manage diseases. We enable our members to approach their health with a true wellness approach and giving them the support needed when something truly bad happens.

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