Pediatric Chiropractor – The Basics

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Billy DeMoss

Dr. Billy DeMoss is the owner and lead chiropractor of his practice in Newport Beach, CA. His goal as a chiropractor is to educate and empower people with an understanding of how the human body functions. Dr. DeMoss member of O’NA HealthCare.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Although chiropractic care is most popularly known for spine and lower back adjustments, its true focus is on promoting a healthy central nervous system. Regular visits to a pediatric chiropractor can help children lay a solid foundation of health that will last a lifetime.

Visiting a pediatric chiropractor is also a good idea for infants since birth is physically traumatizing to both the mother and baby. In many cases, infant chiropractic care has resulted in less crying, easier breastfeeding, more muscle relaxation, and increased overall restfulness. Visiting a pediatric chiropractor shortly after birth is often recommended to ensure healthy development of the infant.

Growing Pains

As children grow they may experience varying levels of discomfort, often called growing pains. Most parents believe this is a normal symptom of physical development, but it can, in fact, be a sign of more serious problems. The spine protects nerve fibers which carry messages throughout the entire body. If these nerve fibers are disrupted, the resulting pain can be misinterpreted as “normal” growing pains.

At any age, if a child complains of discomfort it is important to schedule an appointment with a children’s chiropractor to make sure there are no serious issues. Children who experience these aches and pains but aren’t taken to a pediatric chiropractor risk developing chronic diseases which can last the rest of their life.

Adult vs. Children’s Chiropractors

Parents who have undergone chiropractic adjustments are often concerned that their child would be inadvertently harmed during a session with a pediatric chiropractor. Fortunately, chiropractors are extensively trained on how to handle all body types and weights, including children. Pediatric chiropractic care is much gentler than it is for adults, and the results can be life changing for both the child and parent.

Many parents have reported that after regular visits to a children’s chiropractor their child improved or stopped exhibiting behavior and symptoms such as ADD, ADHD, bedwetting, ear infections, acid reflux, constipation, and asthma. Children may become less dependant on medication, avoid surgery or drugs, and experience an overall improvement in health after undergoing pediatric chiropractic care.

Is Pediatric Chiropractic Covered By My Insurance?

O’NA HealthCare™ is committed to taking a preventative and holistic health approach to both adults and children and to that extent, supports pediatric chiropractic care on a regular basis for Plan Members. O’NA HealthCare firmly believes in a natural approach to wellness and by promoting chiropractic care, is able to keep Member costs at 35% to 65% lower than conventional insurance programs. To find out more, visit O’NA HealthCare, Redefining Healthcare Coverage and Loving Members to Health.

How Do I Sign Up with O’NA HealthCare™?

Whether you’ve missed your open enrollment period, or are looking for a healthcare coverage plan that better suits your lifestyle, signing up for O’NA HealthCare is a simple and straightforward process.

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