The Holistic Health Care Insurance Alternative That Covers Everything From Yoga To A Catastrophic Event

Introducing O’NA HealthCare™

There’s no doubt that health insurance in America is in need of a serious overhaul.

Even if you can afford coverage right now, you might wish things were very different in regards to the type of health care you receive.

O’NA HealthCare™ seeks to change things for the better by offering affordable, professional holistic health care coverage. Want to learn more about our alternative coverage options that still take care of you during a catastrophic event?

Not Your Grandfather’s Insurance

There have been advances and discoveries made not only in traditional medicine and health care, but alternative health care as well.

To that end, O’NA HealthCare™ offers coverage that encompasses both traditional and alternative treatments and services, which means coverage for such treatments as acupuncture, massage therapy, holistic dentistry, reiki, energy healing, stem cells, CBDs among many others. Now you can have healthcare coverage that’s more in line with your lifestyle and preferences.

We Don’t Gloss Over The Coverage You’re Used To

Know that we’ve designed our plans to be compatible with a Health Savings Account, and we offer an open provider network at no extra cost, which means that you don’t have to seek out new healthcare providers once you’re enrolled in one of our plans.

Think you’d like to go out of the country to receive medical treatment? O’NA HealthCare™ also offers worldwide medical tourism.

Even better, is the fact that you can enroll in a plan at any time of the year; we see no reason for you to have to wait around for a crazy and stressful open enrollment period. For those aging off their parent’s insurance plans, we make enrolling for health insurance at 26 easy! 

Do More Than Merely Manage Diseases

One of the biggest issues with the modern health insurance industry is that your treatment options are more of a temporary solution rather than an actual cure for what ails you.

That’s another of the major differences with O’NA HealthCare™. We want you to have the necessary resources to identify and then treat the root cause of your health issue. That’s why our health care insurance alternative covers more than just the basics.

We also take preventative measures for your overall health.

While medical and health practitioners may not be able to predict everything that might happen, medical technologies and current knowledge have advanced far enough that we can make well-educated guesses regarding the ailments, problems, and diseases that are likely to appear in the future.

Rather than waiting for a disaster, and its price tag, why not head it off at the pass?

The Finer Details

After going through the application process, enrollment takes fewer than 10 minutes! Your age and health profile will determine how much you’ll be expected to pay for your monthly contribution.

When you need to use your coverage, you’ll be expected to take care of the first $5,000 or $10,000 (single or family respectively) of health care-related costs before your plan coverage kicks in to take care of all other qualifying costs.

Something we like to stress is the fact that our plans are free of co-pays and co-shares. This means you’ll have to cover all permissible costs until you reach the limits of your out-of-pocket.

Our holistic health care plans also include a FREE OF CHARGE  24/7 telemedicine doctor access so you can get a quick idea of why you’re sick and what treatments are quickly available instead of driving to a hospital and waiting for hours on end only to find that the same treatment will be recommended.    

Don’t feel like you have to settle when it comes to your healthcare coverage plan. See how different and better your life and health can be when you’re covered by O’NA HealthCare™.

Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we take care of you.

O’NA HealthCare™

O’NA HealthCare™ promotes genuine health and wellness for all. Create an account and apply today for healthcare that covers traditional, natural, and holistic treatments.

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