Can I Cancel My Health Insurance? Yes, Learn How!

A Guide To Cancelling Your Health Insurance

Health insurance companies would have you believe that your policy was signed in blood and is inescapable until you die. While the stipulations of coverage may keep you locked in under certain circumstances, it is completely possible to cancel your health insurance—even if your provider has tried to make you believe otherwise.

You’ve probably noticed that insurers keep patients tied to their policy through fear rather than facts. Once you understand your rights, though, you will understand that canceling your policy is both possible and likely the best option for your healthcare needs. Empower yourself by learning how to cancel your medical insurance coverage and finally find freedom from predatory health insurance companies.

Can You Cancel Your Health Insurance Policy At Any Time?

Why do so many people believe that they cannot cancel their health insurance policy? If you have ever tried to do so, perhaps you were met with threats of fines and warnings of what may happen if you are uninsured. This rhetoric, understandably, is enough to keep many people committed to even the worst insurance policy.

Regardless of this, it is possible to cancel your policy. If you are enrolled in a Marketplace plan, cancellation depends on how many people are on the policy. Typically, your termination can become effective within 14 days of your cancellation. You may be liable for a fee for any months you are uninsured, but there are certain exemptions to this and you can apply for O’NA HealthCare™ as soon as your other coverage ends.

Firing Your Provider

If you hire an attorney who does no research on your case, provides faulty advice, and charges you exorbitant fees, would you keep relying on their services? Hopefully not. The same is true of your health insurance. Typical providers often charge ridiculous monthly premiums in exchange for minimal coverage and frustratingly inaccessible health care.

If this sounds familiar, isn’t it time that you started researching other options? Luckily, there are options that don’t have all the same problems with traditional insurance. You can start by finally canceling your health insurance provider. The routine for cancellation depends on your individual insurer, but you can typically do so by contacting your provider via phone or your online account.

Discover The Alternatives

Once you ditch your health insurance policy, what other options exist? You need a provider who is a partner, not a predator, but finding this is easier said than done. You might think that you need to wait until open enrollment in November of 2019 or qualify for a special exemption.

O’NA HealthCare™ endeavors to do away with this red tape, and simply serve patients. How? By connecting you with the health care coverage you need without all of the complications and stress. Our non-profit co-operative system puts the power in your hands, and our high deductible catastrophic plans make health care convenient and accessible. Choose from plans that cover conventional, holistic, and naturopathic care options.

Manage Your Health On Your Terms

Healthcare is never one-size-fits-all, and it should never be treated as such. This is exactly the approach most insurers take, though, when it comes to providing coverage to patients. Don’t you want to manage your health on your own terms and invest in a plan that covers the care you want?

With O’NA, you can. Our policies reach beyond conventional health care to cover solutions that are naturopathic and holistic. If your wellness includes treatments such as homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or reiki, you can find a plan that includes these and other nontraditional options.
You know how to manage your health better than anybody else, and you should have a policy that enables rather than inhibits your wellness.

Break Away From The System

You don’t deserve to be chained to a health insurance policy that benefits your provider more than it benefits you. The health care system relies on this dynamic to keep patients trapped in a cycle of subpar service, but you can break away and discover the freedom of a customizable policy through O’NA HealthCare™. With 365-day enrollment and a variety of plans to choose from, you no longer have to be at the mercy of a frustrating and expensive health insurance policy.

Explore your options for health care coverage. Alternatives to traditional insurance like O’NA HealthCare™ care more about your health than making a profit. We give our members the tools to get healthy and stay healthy. Individuals, families, and companies are welcome to apply and see the difference with O’NA HealthCare™!

myO'NA HealthCare®

myO’NA HealthCare® promotes Holistic health and wellness coverage for all members. Create an account and apply today for healthcare that covers traditional, natural, and holistic treatments.

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