5 Problems with Traditional Insurance

1. Not Covering All Health Options

Most people have accepted the fact that health insurance plans only cover the bare minimum. Your preferred treatment options may seem out of reach. Luckily, alternative health care providers are redefining this common insurance problem.

Health insurance can be more than just sick care. With the right preventative care options, allowances, and resources, an alternative healthcare plan offers true wellness. O’NA HealthCare™ is revolutionizing the industry by offering these benefits and more.

There are many reasons to join an alternative healthcare coverage plan. You know what’s right for your health better than anyone else, so don’t sacrifice your favorite treatment options for a traditional health insurance plan. At O’NA HealthCare™, you can keep your current wellness providers through our Open Provider Network, and enjoy coverage for acupuncture, energy medicine, essential oils, holistic dental care, and much more.

2. Short Enrollment Dates

The problems with health insurance don’t end at minuscule coverage options. The ever-shortening open enrollment period leaves thousands of people uninsured every year.

If you missed open enrollment, you’re out of luck with traditional insurance companies. Luckily, O’NA HealthCare™ offers 365-day open enrollment! You can apply for coverage any day of the year.

3. No Catastrophic Coverage

If you are stuck in a traditional insurance plan, an unexpected health crisis can take an enormous financial toll. Even if you’ve met your maximum out of pocket amount, most policies have an 80/20 co-share that still leaves you with a huge bill. Many people don’t realize this problem with health insurance until it’s too late.

If you don’t want to risk it, consider switching to a catastrophic coverage plan. Once you hit your max out of pocket, O’NA HealthCare™ will cover 100% of your expenses.

4. No HSA

Many traditional insurance plans don’t offer a Health Savings Account (HSA). HSAs are like personal savings accounts, but can only be used for qualifying medical expenses. There is a wide variety of medical, dental, and mental health services that are eligible, and others can contribute to your HSA account, including your employer. Also, your HSA account rolls over annually, meaning you don’t lose any of your savings if you have fewer expenses that year.

On top of all that, HSA contributions are tax-deductible and withdrawals for qualifying medical expenses are tax-free. With O’NA HealthCare™, all of our plans offer an HSA account, giving you an easy, convenient way to pay medical expenses.

5. Limited Benefits

Many traditional insurance plans offer very few benefits to their members. Benefits are often limited to the bare minimum. With O’NA HealthCare™, you get access to unique member benefits, providing well-rounded, convenient, and affordable healthcare. For example, we offer medical tourism as a benefit to our members. With medical tourism, you aren’t restricted to certain healthcare solutions by location. If the best option isn’t in your local community, state, or even the USA, you are still covered with O’NA HealthCare™.

We also cover many holistic healthcare options such as holistic dental care. We believe that health is more than just treating diseases and a good healthcare plan should support that. On top of that, we offer members 24/7 phone access to various doctors and medical professionals. Whenever you need a doctor, O’NA HealthCare™ is there for you.

So, when you are looking for a healthcare plan, consider the extended benefits O’NA HealthCare™ would offer you over traditional insurance companies. Take your health into your own hands and choose a healthcare plan that truly supports your wellbeing.

Redefining Health Insurance

At O’NA HealthCare, we believe that your health is your choice. Our inclusive approach to health coverage pays for numerous holistic approaches as well as pharmaceuticals, and we also emphasize wellness through oils, supplements, and holistic dental care. We offer easy, year-round enrollment as well. When you want all-encompassing, realistic health insurance with realistic costs for todays healthcare markets, call us at 888-813-0646.

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