10 Reasons To Join An Alternative Healthcare Coverage Plan

10 Reasons To Join An Conventional Healthcare Coverage Plan

Getting health insurance is tricky business, let alone finding a plan that covers everything you need at a low cost. If you missed open enrollment, the modern system says you are out of luck. You have to wait until next year, take excellent care of yourself, and hope you don’t have any accidents in the meantime.

This conventional view is unacceptable. You should not have to submit to systematized contempt for your health. Whether you missed the newly shortened cutoff date or did not have the money during the enrollment period, you deserve good coverage. If standard health insurance has failed you, an alternative insurance plan may be exactly what you need.

What’s An Alternative Insurance Plans?

Alternative healthcare coverage Are you a bit of a rebel? Think of these unusual and fresh health plans in the same way. They do not conform because they offer you more options and give you more freedom than regular insurance. Here are 10 ways that an alternative insurance plan can benefit you.

1. Flexible Enrollment

The best alternative plans offer 365-day enrollment, so deadlines are a thing of the past. Sign up when you can afford to without worrying about strict, unforgiving timetables. This is exactly how O’NA HealthCare™ operates. As a non-profit healthcare, this comprehensive insurance plan has your best interests in mind.

2. Multiple Treatment Options

Good alternative healthcare plans cover conventional western, or allopathic, treatment methods. However, the best plans also allow you to choose homeopathy, naturopathy, indigenous, and nutritional approaches, along with traditional pharmaceuticals.

3. Personalized Attention

Insurance companies are becoming more and more impersonal. It’s easy for members to get lost in the system and forgotten. It’s time to bring health and care back into healthcare. A healthcare alternative such as O’NA HealthCare™ gives you practical help when you need it with a Personal Care Advocate. This individual becomes your go-to person when you have any coverage questions.

4. An Emphasis on Wellness

High-quality Holistic Insurance Coverage emphasizes true wellness. To help you on that path, the best plans include oils, supplements, holistic dental care, and wellness visits. If long-term health and wellness is important to you, O’NA will help you take your health into your own hands!

5. Help Away From Home

If you are traveling in a different state or even a different country, look for great alternative healthcare coverage that will give you excellent, cost-effective healthcare choices through a medical tourism package. Go ahead—follow the yellow brick road. Just be sure to take your health plan with you.

6. No-Stress Registration

Top unconventional health insurance does not dictate when you register. Instead, these groundbreaking plans let you sign up 365 days a year through a simple process. You need never lose sleep over complicated forms and enrollment deadlines again.

7. Free From Regulation and Interference

The most desirable nonconventional health coverage is free from the control of governmental agencies at all levels—local, state, and federal. This means you get an effective and practical plan you can count on, year after year.

8. A Labor of Love

Superb nontraditional health insurance is not about making as much money as possible from your misfortunes. Rather, the preeminent plans operate with a genuine desire to help people return to and maintain glowing health.

9. Mutually Beneficial

The greatest alternative insurance plans not only help you but also the issuing entity.O’NA Healthcare™ is a subsidiary of the United Cherokee Nation. Revenue from the healthcare co-operative is used to assist tribal goals and aspirations.

10. A Long Tradition of Health

Natural, holistic health treatments have existed since before documented history. Native Americans honor Medicine Men and Medicine Women for their wise, compassionate healing that considers the entire being—body, mind, and spirit. Only now is so-called modern medicine catching up. However, most impersonal health insurance from huge corporations still does not pay for holistic treatments. The best alternative health plans cover natural treatments so that you can benefit from healing methods working synergistically.

Redefining Health Insurance

At O’NA HealthCare, we believe that your health is your choice. Our inclusive approach to health coverage pays for numerous holistic approaches as well as pharmaceuticals, and we also emphasize wellness through oils, supplements, and holistic dental care. We offer easy, year-round enrollment as well. When you want all-encompassing, realistic health insurance with realistic costs for todays healthcare markets, call us at 888-813-0646.

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