Agent Referral Program

O’NA HealthCare™ Agent Referral Program in Review

Unique Value Where It Counts

O’NA HealthCare™provides a unique product solution for your client’s healthcare coverage. We offer you two financially rewarding opportunities that will broaden your suitability options and may free up money for your clients to use to pay off some debt, shore up their life insurance coverage, purchase other protection based insurance, or build up short, medium, and long term savings. We truly understand how difficult it is to free up much needed money for your client’s to meet their financial goals and protection needs.

More and more people are becoming aware of the power and need for natural based treatments and services but conventional insurance carriers don’t cover them. A conventional/holistic based plan may lower monthly payments but it will most likely include a 40% or 60% co-pay once the high deductible has been met. Rolling the dice on the hope that you will not loose that client due to cookie cutter plans that are a few thousand of dollars for extra insurance coverage for your client.

O’NA HealthCare™is unique in that the Plan not only covers natural based solutions but is typically 30% to 65% lower in monthly Plan Member costs. This powerful one two punch provides your client with a healthcare coverage plan that suits and covers their natural healing preferences. What can you do to assist your clients with a healthcare coverage plan that offers them more options than what they might have right now?

So, in terms of suitability, O’NA HealthCare™ may not only be “a” choice but really, the only choice!

O’NA HealthCare™ Provides So Much More

  • A 30% to 65% reduction in monthly plan costs compared to a conventional health insurance plan.
  • Coverage for the usual conventional treatments and services PLUS, natural alternatives that are NOT covered under other insurance plans.
  • Savings that can be used to pay off debts, used for much needed insurance coverage (Life, LTC, Accident, Disability, etc.) or for retirement planning based financial instruments.
  • 365 Days a year enrollment so no waiting for Crazy-Time Open Enrollment.
  • Financial rewards for placing your client into O’NA HealthCare™ and the peace of mind that suitability has been met.
  • Portability. If a client is relocated to another state, the O’NA HealthCare™ coverage travels with them anywhere in the U.S with no change to the cost of their monthly plan.
  • 24/7 doctor is a phone call away and within minutes no matter if at home, school, work, or on vacation.


  • An Agent is someone that holds financial based state and federal licenses in insurance based services but may or may not hold a life insurance license.
  • An Agent simply wants to refer a member directly to O’NA HealthCare™ where a membership advisor will explain and guide a client through to completion.
  • An Agent will receive a one time payment for each application that converts to an membership plan.
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