About O’NA HealthCare™

Providing people with an economically value driven alternative to traditional health insurance offerings.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of O’NA HealthCare™ is to provide people with an economically value driven alternative to traditional health insurance offerings by bringing together providers of functional, holistic, nutritional, and energetic modalities and therapies with no discrimination. A world-class knowledgeable Advocacy program that offers our Members guidance through their journey to improve and sustainable health that is aligned with the O’NA HealthCare™ mantra, Love Our Members to Health.

O’NA HealthCare™ Tribal Relationships

O’NA HealthCare™, is a not-for-profit healthcare co-operative that provides coverage for a multitude of healthcare related procedures and treatments that may not be covered by traditional insurance companies. Having a Tribal Charter Resolution with a purpose to provide Government Relations and Business Development for the Tribes, enables a way for members of the public to receive coverage for holistic and conventional treatments and services including naturopathic, homeopathic, indigenous, acupuncture, etc., but it also provides a welcome revenue stream to assist us in our tribal goals and aspirations.

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A Brief Overview and Background

One of a kind non-profit healthcare coverage co-operative

A labor of love and determination to re-design healthcare coverage into something beneficial and affordable has resulted in the confluence of a number of Native American and non-Native American organizations into one cohesive and ground breaking healthcare service provider. Many years of hard work and perseverance to overcome political and legal obstacles by many innovative and far-sighted individuals has resulted in a Freedom of Choice, and an alternative to standard, restrictive, expensive, non-caring, impersonal health insurance. We are proud to announce, via Tribal Active Management Services (A Tribal Entity), the formation of O’NA HealthCare™.

How we do what we do

The US government has provided all Native Americans, their tribes, their businesses, and health corporations with exceptional privileges and exemptions, under the heading of “Sovereignty.” Native American healers and members of O’NA HealthCare™ enjoy certain unique rights and privileges. Because O’NA HealthCare™ is comfortably nestled under a Native American tribal corporate umbrella, we are protected by many of the rights and privileges that Native American Indians enjoy today.

Become a member of our Tribe

In order to receive the benefits of the co-operative you must become a Member of O’NA HealthCare™. And, you do not have to be Native American to apply, enroll, and receive benefits.

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