About O’NA HealthCare™

Providing people with an economically value driven alternative to traditional health insurance offerings. O’NA HealthCare™ does not offer healthcare coverage options in all states. Coverage is not available in Maine.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of O’NA HealthCare™ is to provide people with an economically value driven program to non-traditional and traditional health insurance offerings by bringing together providers of functional, holistic, nutritional, and energetic modalities and therapies with no discrimination.

A program that offers our Members guidance through their journey to improve and sustainable health that is aligned with the O’NA HealthCare™, Love Our Members to Health.

O’NA HealthCare™ Tribal Relationships

O’NA HealthCare™, is a not-for-profit healthcare co-operative that provides coverage for a multitude of healthcare related procedures and treatments that may not be covered by traditional insurance companies.
Having corporate resolutions with Native American tribes establishes a platform for knowledge and understanding of naturopathic, holistic and conventional treatments and services including homeopathic, indigenous, acupuncture, etc.,

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A Brief Overview and Background

One of a kind non-profit healthcare coverage co-operative

A labor of love and determination to re-design healthcare coverage into something beneficial and affordable has resulted in the confluence of a number of Native American and non-Native American organizations into one cohesive and ground breaking healthcare service provider.

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